Top Ten Reasons I Started a Home-Decor Business

My business is to find amazing cool vintage or antique items that are unusual or one-of-a- kind and match them up together for instantly chic, absolutely unique collections. But deciding to go out on a limb with this idea was not easy. These were my top ten: 

10. Outlet for my creativity

Before my business I was expressing it this way. Nothing wrong with this, and our Christmas card recipients appreciated it, but was kind of a one-time thing.

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 7.06.43 PM.png

9. I love planning

I have four sons. Hello. I will never get to plan a wedding unless, JOY! one marries an orphan girl or one marries a man. In the meantime, I’m planning for the plan that I’ll be planning a rehearsal dinner, maybe. So why not find something else to plan.

8. I like control

Again, four sons. Perhaps I’m displaying my inexperience, but this business is something I can control. It won’t ignore me. Look through me. Glaze over when I’m begging it to please not plow into the nice construction worker. 

7. Matchmaking is a blast

Not everyone likes to play matchmaker with stuff. I love hooking up a cast iron beetle with a Spode platter that wasn’t really looking for a relationship and then they’re all perfect together. 

6. Finding my "One Thing"

According to Jason Goldberg who founded, if you want to be successful, you have to find your One Thing which falls at the intersection of three truths. First, you have to be passionate about the One Thing. Second, you must have a realistic shot at being the best in the world at doing the One Thing. Third, the One Thing represents a huge untapped market opportunity. It took me a year of solitude to come up with my One Thing.  More about that process here. 

5. Coolness factor from teenagers 

My son's friends thought it was a cool concept. They got it right away. And because teenagers are notoriously smart, that gave me confidence.

4. Financing my new dining room

It’s pretty ugly. But two years ago, I swore to myself that funds to update it would come from the earning of my own business. 

3. Turning 50

That birthday. Let me introduce you to my midlife crisis. Michelle Obama cut bangs in her hair because the secret service won’t let her hang glide. 

2. The faith of my family

The people who count in my life – husband, sisters, parents, kids – they have faith in me. Not gonna let them down.

1. Love what you do

Shopping, arranging, shooting, writing, it’s a dream come true. And it’s what we’ve tried to instill in our children, this idea that if you are doing what you love, you will be just fine.