Hello! My name is mithra. 

I'm an interiors stylist. I'm a vintage and antiques lover and I have an online shop, Finder Not Keeper, where I sell some of my best finds. (That's a lie. I keep the best finds.)

I travel a lot and have a knack for finding interesting women. (Another kind of antiquing, I guess.) I befriend these women and convince them to let me profile them here, on the blog. Then, I art direct the photo shoot, conceiving wildly ambitious sets and costumes, all which eventually get scaled back to normal non-Annie Leibowitz levels even though I have a husband who is willing to help me with ANYTHING. 


Also, I'm a reader. I used to work in the fiction room of a library. I ran a book group for years. I write gooey fan letters to authors -- Ann Patchett, Michael Perry, Elinor Lipman, for example. (But not Jonathan Franzen, even though I love him.) Book recs are a regular feature on this blog.  

I'm a recovering know-it-all mother of four sons. Back in 2014, as my house was gradually emptying of children like a slow leak in a tire, I started this blog because I needed to be something besides a mother. As it turns out, I was daring myself to write publicly. To hit 'publish' on a weekly basis. To be accountable to an audience. This has been a very valuable exercise.


Which brings me to my last skill. Actually, it's a gift. I'm a world class procrastinator. And if you subscribe to this blog, you will reap the benefits from my daily avoidance-of-work exercise. I send out links to the best writing, funny memes, even the best Ebay and Etsy finds that I come across in the vast reaches of the Internet. You're welcome. 

Thank you for reading all the way to here! As a token of appreciation, here's my favorite cookie recipe. And please, if you have a comment or a question, get in touch.  


Photo of me in Paris (top) by Carla Coulson. Other photos by Renn Kuhnen. 


P.S. About the name. It's Persian. I used to wish my name was Elizabeth or Kitty - any of the Jane Austen characters, actually. Of course I've grown to appreciate my unique name. People remember it, which is helpful in this blogging business.